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If you are also wondering how to enter the Indian RAW as an agent, you should read this article, in which we explain the basics of merging RAW with agents. The character of the tiger is played by Salman Khan, who is a RAW agent in the film. With the heroic style and daring action of the actor, it is fascinating for viewers in India to see how RAW actually works.

RAW stands for Research and Analysis Wing, the Indian government's intelligence service. It may be called the Secret Service, but it is an external intelligence service of the Indian government.

As an independent agency, RAW is under the authority of the Prime Minister's Office, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Indian Intelligence Service. Sources: 2

Simply put, RAW keeps an eye on all India-related areas, such as terrorism, espionage, intelligence gathering, counterterrorism, and foreign policy. 

The RAW (Research and Analysis Wing of India) is India's main foreign intelligence service. When the groundwork for RAW was laid in 1968, the Intelligence Bureau had been looking after foreign intelligence. One of the main reasons that fueled the establishment of R & AW in 1968 was the gap in intelligence that was exposed after the 1962-1965 Indian War.

It vividly tells the story of the internal intelligence service, called the Intelligence Bureau (IB), which emerged from the relatively new National Investigative Agency (NIA). The article briefly discusses his history and role in the creation of R & AW. 

Aspirants begin their preparations by solving last year's UPSC question, now they can interview RAW. If you complete the interview, you will be considered eligible for the resources department. Firstly, it is a prerequisite that the candidate has served in the public service for at least two years and has a good knowledge of the subject.

There is no doubt that applying for an agent's job is difficult, but there is a good chance that you will succeed.

If you are wondering how to join RAW India, you should know that there is no direct recruitment process for it. However, it is worth considering recruiting for the National Academy of Administration with access to R.A. if possible. The job is advertised on the RAW's official website and on its official Facebook page.

If you are noticed by the RAW selectors, they will keep an eye on you and test you in this way. It is very important that you are very fit and active in the service, and that you are always fit medically and physically. If you are smart enough to join, then you have a chance as a RAW agent. The selection of RAW agents is made by the National Administration Academy (R.A.) of the Indian Army, and you must be selected for this. Sources: 3

Getting a job in RAW is extremely competitive and when you succeed, you forget the chance to join the resources department. You should have the advantage of doing something else, but if you don't, you have to wait and see.

Before 1968, the Intelligence Bureau was responsible for India's internal and external intelligence services. The Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) has no website and therefore it is difficult to apply for a job as an agent. Consider, however, the recruitment from the posts advertised and the people appointed by the research and analysis wing. Sources: 5, 7

India then established its own RAW (Research and Analysis Wing), which was founded mainly to monitor the actions and movements of Pakistan and China. Sources: 7

Sanjeev K. Tripathi was Minister of Research and Head of RAW from December 2010 to December 2012. The head of the RAW is entitled to the Research Minister in the Cabinet Secretariat. Sources: 7, 8

Tripathi joined the Indian Police (UP) squad in 1972, the National Security Service (NSS) in 1975 and the army in 1977. Sources: 8

A few years later he was transferred to the National Security Service (NSS) and then to the Reserve Intelligence Bureau (RAW). In 1983, R-AW created its own cadre of young civil servants absorbed by the Research and Analysis Services (RAS). RAW officers interviewed the officers after completing their basic courses, Tripathi said. Sources: 4, 8

Then there is a two-year course for those who can choose to become a permanent RAW member, and then a three-month course in RAS.

If you have a strong desire to join RAW, there are many roles and positions that you can welcome, but remember that it is not so easy to join RAW. They need to know that RAW does not offer a secret approach to online recruitment and that the security department exists for all. To select candidates who meet the parameters of working in RAW, you must contact RAW's national headquarters in the United States or a local RAW office in India.

Most secretaries are IPS officers, but IRS and IFS officers hold other posts, and some are filled by IRS or I FS officers. Besides the RAW agents, there are a number of other positions in the department, such as secretaries - general secretary, secretary - officers, etc. 

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